M-Dash Gives An Epic Shout-out To Mr. Natural’s Famed One-hitter Quitter: Hashteroids

M-dash Mt. Natural Hashteroids

Sometimes a product resonates so well that it eventually gets its very own song. Popular brands of clothing, cars, and drinks often make their way to the airwaves, especially with hip-hop and rap artists who lyrically profess their love for them. Nelly and his Air Force One shoes.  Pitbull and his shoutouts of “Fireball!” whiskey. Migos with their references to Versace clothing.

Mr. Natural’s organic flower joins the list. Thanks to Bay Area’s veteran rapper M-Dash, who recently released a track entitled “Hashteroids.” M-Dash delivers authentic sound with catchy lyrics about his experiences with Mr. Natural’s heaviest-hitting nugs: Hashteroids.

Mr. Natural Joints, and nugs

M-Dash raps, “I can’t even roll this, it’s so sticky,” and remarks on the relaxing vibe of Hashteroids “that Hashteroid coma, strong aroma,” and adds that they are so strong that “I feel like I’m takin’ dabs,” and “One-hitter quitter, this **** is so strong.” Needless to say, M-Dash is a believer in Hashteroids and also in Mr. Natural’s herb; “Premium herb, I’m known to only buy the best.

The track has become the unofficial theme song for one of Mr. Natural’s most popular products. ‘Hashteroids’ are Mr. Natural’s small, sticky nugs of premium organic herb rolled to perfection with rosin and kief. Hashteroids are so powerful they have been considered an organic dab. These are only for the most veteran of herb smokers, like M-Dash.

M-Dash was born and raised in Vallejo, California and is a talent for poetry and prose early on. M-Dash’s career began taking off in the 90’s when he started professionally recording rap and hip-hop tracks. Well-known throughout the Bay Area and northern California, he eventually took success into his own hands by founding his own label, Platinum Bound Entertainment. Since then he has released over six solo albums and many singles, with “Hashteroids” being his latest.


Listen and watch “Hashteroids” here.

If you would like to give “Hashteroids” a listen, check it out on iTunes here.

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For information about Hashteroids, view Mr. Natural’s product page here.

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