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The Natural Process

Our process allows natural cannabinoids and terpenes to flourish to provide enhanced and consistent experiences with every dose.
We found using our time-tested soil cultivation methods provides nutrient balances that amplify the genetics.

Growing Organically

Giving our cannabis plants exactly what they need, down to the very last microbe in the soil, is a fundamental part of the contemporary organic growing.  Like any plant, cannabis has specific and highly complex requirements to grow optimally, and matching those requirements as accurately as possible allows our plants to achieve their full potential.

The Soil

Organic cannabis cultivation can improve flavor and potency with the richness of the soil. We use organic soil mixes that fight parasites, helps purify water, kills harmful substances and protects the plants which promote greener, cleaner and healthier yields.

The Product

Organically-grown cannabis is widely considered superior in flavor and aroma to conventionally-grown cannabis for similar reasons to those outlined above. As the micro-environment is optimized for vigorous, healthy growth, plants are able to produce optimum quantities of terpenes and terpenoids as well as cannabinoids themselves.