Developed by Bob “Natural” Luciano, a Vietnam veteran, over 50 years ago, Mr. Natural’s continued cultivation of high-quality strains offers relief for people suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTS), chronic illness and pain. During his military service in Vietnam, Bob and many of his compatriots discovered the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. When he returned home, Bob discovered access to cannabis, the only viable treatment for his ailments, was no longer available to him. This launched Bob’s lifelong mission to educate and advocate for medicinal cannabis.

In 1990, Bob immersed himself in Rastafarianism and the classic cannabis culture in Jamaica. Experimenting with genetics, soil, and drawing from decades of local knowledge, Jamaica became his testing ground for the iconic strains enjoyed by reggae legends and cannabis connoisseurs.

After California legalized recreational cannabis, he moved his entire operation to California and continued growing his iconic strains, gaining a loyal following of both recreational and medicinal users.

A 100% disabled veteran with PTS, Bob has been a strong advocate for the medical use of cannabis for veterans. Advocacy and growing cannabis in a culture predisposed to view cannabis negatively was a constant challenge. Bob continues his pursuit to cultivate strains specifically for PTS, chronic illness and pain to enable other veterans to gain relief. Bob has actively worked with the Veterans Administration since 1972 to educate others on cannabis and its use for treating PTS.

I believe the path to balance and joy can be achieved through the exploration of self, in respect to all things around you.

Our respect for nature drives us to start with the natural soil based grow process- no pesticides.

Our respect for our bodies motivates us to cultivate strains that benefit and improve your physical state.

Our respect for this industry motivates us to provide consistency.

Our respect for the environment and your well being is why we deploy quality and dedication in our products and we hope this will be evident to you when trying Mr. Natural products.

I believe my path is to help people who seek balance and joy in their life. It is my pleasure to help others achieve purpose so as they seek their purpose, I have found mine.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Higher Heights and Positive Vibes

Mr. Natural

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