Specialized Organic Cultivation

Mr. Natural Inc. cultivates medical marijuana internationally known for high quality: strong, high-THC with long-lasting durations and intense terpene profiles and organic flavors.

All products used in the cultivation of Mr. Natural’s cannabis are certified organic: soil-grown cannabis with real components and amendments in the soil bring out the plant’s true looks and flavors.  Indoor – greenhouse – outdoor.

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Growing with Purpose

If good is what you do, good is what will follow…

Here at Natural, we have created an organic method cultivated to slow the tolerance process so patients can continue to receive the relief they need. We grow on three principles:


Cultivating is Life and growing organic is essential.


Natural grow methods yield clean medicinal effects.


Helping those who suffer obtain a better life balance.

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Our Products

Cultivating is life!

We believe in providing medicinal relief and quality life balance through our natural products.

Mr. Natural products are cultivated organically and available in several products which include;

  • Edibles

  • Flower

  • Hash

  • Hashteroids

  • Joints

  • Rosin

  • Topicals

  • Wax

Our Products