Crafted with a proprietary process our products provide wonderful, medicinal benefits.


Mr. Natural starts here:  pure organic flower developed for high-THC with intense terpene profiles and rich flavors and aromas.  Consistent quality in growth and curing techniques combined with hand trimming make this the premium flower of choice.  The doctor says go natural…

New strains harvested ongoing – available in:

  • our original premium varieties – it makes you smarter
  • limited-harvest (indoor-grown/climate-controlled) – the connoisseur of all cans
  • mid-shelf nitrogen-packed cans – quality at a value price
Mr. Natural Can - Flower
Premium and Private Reserve Cones

Premium and Private Reserve Cones

Our premium cones are one killer handcrafted doobie! Varying strains of Mr. Natural rolled into single or double-packed cones. These beauties are culled from a wide variety of organic cannabis before being rolled in kief.  Up your ante with our Private Reserve cones featuring 100% flower with a rosin infusion along with the kief rollover – one fine daydream.

Available in:

  • Premium: single, double and 3-packs
  • Private Reserve: single and double

3-pack joints

Premium organic pre-rolls. Our 3-pack cones are great for parties and convenient for sharing! Varying strains of Mr. Natural rolled into single-packed cones in a box of three. These joints aren’t as simple as they may look on the outside – they are culled from a wide variety of organic cannabis but unlike the premium cones, these are not rolled in kief.  Up your ante with our 3-pack joints.

Available in:

  • Singles
  • 3-packs
Mr Natural product - 3-pack joints - Premium organic pre-rolls
Mr Natural Product - Hashteroids


For the very seasoned smoker who prefers the taste of great organic cannabis with an extra kick. Beginning with a small nug of premium herb then smothered in a healthy amount of rosin and rolled around in kief. This is an organic dab experience that is by far the most favored by veteran Hashishins.

Available in:

  • Hashteroids (.5 gram) – crumble nicely
  • Mega Hashteroids -Bowlderz (1 gram) – tackier with additional kief


A connoisseur’s delight – organic cannabis naturally pressed for the highest quality resulting in robust and aromatic terpenes.  The perfect dab for a “clear-not-foggy” high.  Changing varieties include Lemon Kush, Thai Glue, Thai Kush, Chocolate Thai, Cali Gold, Purple Tangerine, Gorilla Glue, Kashmere Glue and Skywalker OG.

mr natural concentrates
mr natural waxes - honeycomb


Aromatic, flavorful, crisp – and all Natural.  Ongoing strain varieties include Sour Diesel, Super Sour OG, Sunset Sherbet, Tangerine Dream, Blackberry Kush, Blue Sherbet, Agent Orange, Boss OG, Trainwreck and Blue Dream.


Beauty starts from the outside.Organic cannabis, coconut, and lavender oils blended into a creamy topical salve for a skin-sensual experience.  Reduces brown skin spots, Rosacea, moles/skin tags, blemishes, and bumps.  Also, helps reduce muscle pain. Mirror mirror loves all of you.

Available in regular or extra strength (contains RS Oil).

Mr natural topical cannabis
Mr Natural Cannagars

Natural Cannagars

This is the one to share!!

Handcrafted. Contains 10.5 full grams:  flower – 7 grams; rosin – 0.5 grams; kief – 3 grams

Less heat in your smoke – for hours and hours.

Wrap it Naturals

Makes your flower easier to roll, tastier to smoke!

Hemp rolling papers – rosin and sift infused.

Available in a 2-pack.

Mr. Natural - Hemp rolling papers - wrap it natural