How To Roll A Joint Using Hemp Paper

Mr. Natural – How To Roll A Wrap-It-Natural Joint from Capital C Management on Vimeo.

There’s nothing better than a beautiful joint packed with organic flower. It is natural, flavorful, and the easiest way to share with others. However, many people don’t know how to roll a joint. We all have that go-to friend that we rely on for that perfect roll job. Well, today is the day you become that hero. All you need is yourself, this guide, flower, paper, and a little bit of love.

Let’s get started!

            Step 1: Prepare 

First, make sure that everything is in place: flower, rolling paper, grinder, and a pencil. Now you are ready to put your concentration and love into making a beautiful joint.

Start by preparing your paper. Mr. Natural’s Rosin and Sift Infused Wrap-it Hemp Paper is easiest to roll — and tasty! Lay it flat on a clean surface, so it is open and ready for flower.

           Step 2: Grind your flower and place it on the paper

After your hemp paper is ready to go, it’s time to grind and pack in that flower. We recommend Mr. Natural’s flower for organic purity and the best flavor. Use a grinder to break up a rollable amount of flower into tiny pieces. Don’t pack in more flower than you have paper. You want a beautiful, tight joint.

Mr. Natural buds and wraps for wrapping a joint

          Step 3: Line up your crutch and cannabis

You’ve got your paper in place, with the green sprinkled in the middle.  Now place your crutch at one end of the paper, as shown in the video. But … what is a crutch? It’s a filter. You can buy them at any shop, or make your own out out of any card-paper type of material. A crutch helps hold the joint together and keeps the cannabis from entering your mouth.

          Step 4: Tuck, lick, and roll

You are now ready to press and tuck one side of the paper so it folds into the other sideWatch the video carefully and notice how the roll is being tucked using the thumbs and index fingers — this will make the joint tight and get the most out of your fire. After you’ve got your cannabis and filter pressed and tucked, you will then lick (lightly — don’t get it too wet) the top of the other side of the paper and fold. Wrap the opposite side of the paper over the tucked side and begin rolling. You want a tight joint, so make sure you there are no loose gaps!

          Step 5: Tie the end and enjoy your joint

Mr. Natural joint

Now one end should be open. Use any pencil-like object to pack this end so it is tight and you don’t lose precious flower. Tie the open end (as seen in the video). If there’s no excess paper, don’t worry. You’ll get it next time.

And that’s it! You’ve rolled the perfect joint. If you haven’t, you’ll get better each time. The key is to pack your flower tightly. 


Now share the love and pass it on. (The joint — and this guide!). Leave us a comment below and share your joint roll on our Instagram.

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