Amygdala Hijack

brain mr naturalScientist can determine exactly where the DNA segment that codes for the CB1 Cannabinoid receptor resides on the strand of DNA. Scientist can knock out this segment of DNA code and replace it with gibberish DNA. When mice are born with this DNA they can be scientifically proven to not have the CB1, Cannabinoid receptor. The Scientist can then do experiments comparing normal mice with CB1 receptors against the Knockout mice to determine what affect the receptor has. Knock-out mice are peculiar animals that get cancers at an alarming rate compared to mice with the CB1 receptor. Knock-out mice startle easily and seem to have a denial of reality and repeat behavior that is destructive. There seems to be a problem with extinguishing previously learned behavior. They deny new information in favor of old learned behavior. Morris Water MazeScientist developed a method of testing memory and memory extinction by placing mice in a large flooded container called the Morris Water Maze. This circular container has a camera above it to record the swimming paths of the mice in the maze. The scientists place an invisible sub-surface stage in the flooded container. The mice swim around and eventually find the hidden stand. The mice can then keep their head above the water and save themselves. Both normal mice with CB1 receptors and Knock-out mice without CB1 receptors are trained over several days to find the stand. Both groups of mice eventually swim directly for the stand from visual clues in the Morris Water Maze. They learn to look for where the position of the stand is by repetition. After this training session is complete, scientist repeat the experiment with both groups of mice, but they move the invisible subsurface stage to a new location. The normal mice with CB1 receptors swim around until they find the new location of the stage. The knock-out mice however, continuously swim where the stage was even to their death. Even if the knock-out mice are picked up and placed on the stage in its new location, they will swim off and attempt to find it in the previous location. It is like they deny reality by the inability to extinguish old learned behavior. (memory extinction or forgetting)

CBD effect mr natural

Apparently the lack of CB1 receptors allows less control of the Amygdala and causes the animal to live in a state of fear and anxiety.  When we see this state of brainstem behavior occur in people, it is near impossible to communicate with the person with diminished cognitive ability. When you try to give additional information it will be viewed with contempt and disdain.

 Do people with dysfunctional CB1 receptors show the signs of brainstem reaction to stimuli instead of using cognition to solve a problem? The inability to control the Amygdala results in less time in cognitive thought and more time in brainstem response to any given stimulus.

 When you first use cannabis the number of functioning Cannabinoid receptors multiplies exponentially. In effect you have more inhibitory control of your neurons. This causes neural-plasticity or more control of neural connections. This may allow unrelated issues to be related in such a way that new concepts occur. This may be termed an epiphany or sudden realization of the truth of the matter. Your body has a functioning ECS that may be augmented by exogenous use of phytocannabinoids. (when you use cannabis) Some people may have enzyme defects in the production or degradation of our bodies own Endocannabinoids. People with defects in their ECS may have depression, anxiety, insomnia and have anger problems which may be secondary to the inability to control your limbic system and the Amygdala. This is one more reason why Cannabis helps these issues.

 All cannabis use medical.

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