3 Benefits of Organic Cannabis

The word ‘organic’ refers to the process in which cannabis is grown. In the US, organic crops must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, GMOs (bioengineered genes), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage-based fertilizers.

But what exactly does that mean for you?

How does organic cannabis benefit your health?

The environment?

The overall flavor and experience of your cannabis products?

      1. It benefits your health.

When inhaling or ingesting synthetic pesticides, it affects your body in ways you may not feel immediately.

Long-term effects of synthetic pesticides include damage to the lungs, liver, nervous system, immune system, and in some cases, cancer.

When consuming organic cannabis, you can feel good knowing none of those harmful chemicals are entering your body.

Healthy jogger only consumes organic cannabis
Organic agriculture benefits the environment

      2. It benefits the environment.

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by supporting and consuming organic cannabis.

Organic farming increases the amount of organic matter in the soil, which means that the carbon from the natural matter that decomposes the soil won’t go into the atmosphere.

Organic farming also reduces energy use, reduces pollution from nitrogen run-off, conserves water, and maintains the quality of the soil.

      3. It has a better flavor and experience.

When growing conditions are free from synthetic pesticides, the soil is optimized for vigorous and healthy growth.

The plants are then consequently able to produce maximum quantities of terpenes and terpenoids (the compounds in cannabis that give each strain their unique flavor and aroma) for a better and more unique experience.

All-natural organic cone from Mr. Natural

Above all, paying attention to the energy that goes into your products will make the biggest difference. Organic cannabis is simply treated with more care, and will transfer the same positive vibrations that went into the process to your body and mind.

Our philosophy takes us to higher heights and spreads positive vibrations. We believe organic cannabis provides for a truly beneficial experience for both you and the planet.

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