5 Things Really High People Won’t Want to Do

Being high makes almost everything more fun. Almost.

If you’re curious about trying cannabis, you’ve probably read all about the effects of cannabis, fun things to do, and the health benefits.

But if you really want to get into the minds of your high friends, read on to discover the few activities that your high friends won’t want to do.

      1. They won’t want to fight.

How many times have you seen two high people get into a fight?

Chances are, you’ve never seen it, and that’s because it hardly ever happens.

Cannabis brings out the peaceful side in almost everyone, and will have you believing that you are a lover, and not a fighter.

Think you need to find more peace in your life? Here are some quick tips and tricks to making your life more zen.

Mr. Natural blog - Your high friends are lovers, not fighters.

      2. They won’t want to hurry.

Cannabis is a well-renowned stress reliever, but what happens when you’re not stressed?

You take your time. Being high can let us live in the moment instead of rushing to get to the future.

This is a beautiful thing, but don’t expect your high friends to show up to your party on time.

A quick tip: Tell your highest friends that the party starts a half hour earlier than it really does. That way, when they think they’re arriving late, they’ll be arriving right on time.

      3. They won’t want to drive.

Not only will your high friends won’t want to drive, they simply shouldn’t drive.

Driving high will get you a DUI.

Along with being a high-risk illegal activity, your high friends won’t want to drive because they probably just want to chill in the passenger side with the aux cord being the car DJ.

Friends don’t let friends drive high, so get a DD before planning any high adventures.

      4. They won’t want to go grocery shopping.

The choices are overwhelming, they may feel paranoid being in such a public space, and they may end up with too much junk food in their cart.

Getting high may make most activities less stressful, but grocery shopping may not be one of them.

If you want to eat delicious food with your high friend, we recommend doing the grocery shopping beforehand.

That way, by the time they get to your place, all the munchies are ready.

      5. They won’t want to do any public speaking.

Public speaking is among the top fears in the US right next to heights and insects.

Chances are, your high friends won’t want to speak publicly no matter what state of mind they’re in.

However, cannabis can make some people feel more self-aware and sometimes self-conscious.

The last thing your high friend wants is a room full of people watching them and waiting for them to say something.

Cannabis affects everyone differently, and you won’t really know how you’ll feel until you try it.

You never know, maybe you’ll end up being a public speaking whizz, or a creative and health-conscious grocery shopper.

For our seasoned cannabis users, is there anything you’d add to this list? For our newbies, we hope that this list has granted you some insight on what to expect.

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